Garden Umrella: I am very happy to be part of your site..You just dont know how much you help me a lot. (2.3.12, 2:22am)

Contemporary Portraits: I love the list! its so funny, i use to be able to dance until i cut all of my hair off and i suddenly lost my groove!! I swear! Now i dance like a grandma! No joke! (9.3.08, 4:28am)

Stephanie: i love your honesty and trust me i think all girls.... or most girls think that! (9.2.08, 9:07pm)

Tammy: I agree you look so stop worrying about your thighs! (8.29.08, 4:31pm)

Kelly T: Funny - I started reading this thinking Cesar wrote it and then I got to the "thick thighs" comment. I thought it was funny that a guy would think that. I soon realized it was you Tanya - and you are perfect so stop worrying about working out so much!! (8.29.08, 10:57am)