Garden Umrella: You two are awesome,,,best wishes!! (2.3.12, 2:21am)

Ted: WOW! What a great couple. We just got back from New Orleans with them and they are fantastic. From one photog to another: KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! (10.9.08, 2:46pm)

kenzie shores: SMOKIN! (10.1.08, 7:04pm)

jennifer: gorrrrgoeus! yuuuummy! (9.20.08, 6:09pm)

Kerrie Smith: I am blog stalking today!!! These pics are so cute!!! (9.16.08, 3:09pm)

jen: Dude-you guys look like rockstars! I am so with you on the having your photo taken thing, but aren't you glad you did? They are awesome! Sorry I haven't been stalking too much - buried in wedding season for another 10 weeks! hugs! (9.12.08, 8:12pm)

Julie: I LOOOOVE the bow tie!!!! (9.11.08, 8:54am)

Jennifer Ashford: Y'all look awesome! H-O-T! (9.10.08, 8:52pm)

Jasmine*: BoomSHAKkaLakah! Lookin' good, Perez's! :) (9.9.08, 10:23pm)

Lynn&Taurus: AHHHH Cesar you and Tanya are so GORGEOUS!!!! Tanya Please U R Beautiful!!!!! (9.8.08, 2:37pm)

Josh Rodriguez: Smoking hot! (9.7.08, 11:08am)

Carri Neu: Whatever Tanya, you guys are sooo photogenic! LOVE these!!! (9.6.08, 10:35pm)

annajoy: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! (9.5.08, 7:48pm)

jessica @ budgetsavvybride: you guys are SMOKIN' hot! (9.5.08, 9:43am)

jared rey: unphotogenic my butt! the pics look great! (9.5.08, 8:38am)

Regina : OMG YOU 2...LOOK CALIENTE! Love em' . They did an awesome job. Congrats on the new studio...Can't wait to see it. You guys are super cute. (9.5.08, 7:20am)

josh solar: Congrats on the new studio! I can't wait to see how pimped out you guys make it. (9.5.08, 6:24am)

Charise: What fun!! Im with you, Im so uncomfortable on the otherside of the camera. Looks to me like you guys rocked the shoot as models! Tanya the b/w of you...'fierce'!! :) (9.5.08, 2:15am)

Tanya Perez: Thanks Troy! :) (9.5.08, 1:25am)

Troy Schneider: Way to rock that bow tie Cesar! You guys look great. Vanessa and Jessica did a fantastic job. (9.5.08, 1:16am)