heather essian: love love those chairs they are absolute perfection! the space looks amazing...congrats! (3.29.09, 1:09pm)

Brett: Awesome! Congrats guys. Looks tight! (3.3.09, 7:03pm)

ohana photographers -david & kimi: looks so rad guys!!! congrats!! (2.26.09, 6:04pm)

lauren clark: wow! It looks awesome! (2.19.09, 12:15pm)

Kristin Hanson: Wow! The new place looks awesome! I love you guy's style! Congrats! (2.17.09, 10:06pm)

Marisol Nichols: The space looks awesome! Great job guys...I am so happy for you two and wish you nothing but growth and much success! :) (2.16.09, 3:26pm)

Ava Martinez: CONGRATS on the new space...best of luck! (2.16.09, 1:43pm)

jenn nichols: Your new space looks AMAZING!! Congrats!! (2.14.09, 9:41am)

Charlotte Brodt: Absolutely LOVE the new space and that everything looks fabulous! (2.13.09, 10:47pm)

sara from whitebox: looks gorgeous! congratulations. : ) (2.13.09, 4:33pm)

Amanda Pitts: YOur studio looks awesome! Congrats! (2.13.09, 8:32am)

Celina Gomez: So sorry I missed this!!! I really was looking forward to checkin' it out. I have to come and see it in person it looks amazing. (2.12.09, 7:29pm)

Stacey: The studio looks so awesome and really like your artsy interior decorating style....maybe you should have two businesses! Love, Love, Love it! (2.12.09, 8:09am)

Becca: Everything looked fabulous! Thanks for the invite. You will have much success here! (2.12.09, 7:52am)

annajoy: aaaaaaaaaaaaah i love it SO much. its everything i imagined your awesome studio would be. i wish i could have come to the partay! (2.11.09, 11:57pm)

Carri Neu: Guys, so bummed I missed it! I hope to make it down that way soon. You have done a beautiful job!! (2.11.09, 11:41pm)

jen: YEAH! Congrats! The studio looks AMAZING!!! I LOOOVE the big white frames behind your little white table in the last pic! Just gorgeous - enjoy the studio!!! Hope you are both doing well! (2.11.09, 8:23am)

Regina White: WOW WOW WOW!!! This is so FAB! I love it. I almost need to take a trip just to see it in person. It's so beautiful! Congrats again! (2.11.09, 8:06am)

Richard McClure: Ah... where was my invitation... sniff. sniff. It really does look great! (2.10.09, 10:36pm)

Troy Schneider: Sweet space! Clean and elegant... just like your photography. Congratulations! (2.10.09, 10:26pm)

josh solar: Looks awesome!! (2.10.09, 9:50pm)

rachel debell: OMG!! Its beautiful. I so wish I could have come, but we were in Nashville. Guess what Tanya, I quit my job!! Yeah! Now I have so much more time to learn...so you better believe I'll be calling you guys. You're amazing! (2.10.09, 8:19pm)

Dennis Bullock: It looks amazing guys! I am sure this will just take you guys to the next level! (2.10.09, 6:51pm)

Paul Kremer: I missed cupcakes and Izze drinks? Now I'm bummed! hehe! Looks great, I'm happy for you guys! (2.10.09, 6:11pm)

Jason Armond: Congrats, Love the space. It's "So fresh and so clean clean". Hope to see you both in Vegas. (2.10.09, 5:52pm)

Lori: looks awesome! love the yellow dresser :) (2.10.09, 5:20pm)

Brien: Congrats guys!!! It looks great. Brandy and I will have to come by and see it sometime...oh btw, we're expecting again, a little girl this time, so we'll have to get you guys to take some pics :) (2.10.09, 5:13pm)