DJ Bleggi: Cesar and Tanya, We should have hooked up. Ginger and I were out there for the Mobile Beat Conference at the same time. Hope you guys are doing well...keep up the excellent work! (4.3.09, 9:41pm)

Tanya + Cesar Perez: Hey AnnaJoy, NOT AT ALL. You were suppper sweet and we loved meeting you. :) (2.20.09, 12:33am)

annajoy: yay! so fun to finally meet you in person. i was basically starstruck, hopefully i didn't come off as too much of a dork, i just love you guys and your work!! (2.18.09, 3:24pm)

Carri Neu: My favorite city, I know, I don't get around much! Your guys have a great time in Vegas!! (2.17.09, 11:18pm)

Tammy: Have fun! (2.17.09, 12:50pm)