ohana photographers - david & kimi: love love love the bamboo image!!! smokin guys!! (2.26.09, 6:01pm)

Mindi Sue: Where were these photos taken? I love the mosasics! (2.26.09, 4:56pm)

Ashley: These are great!! She is such a beautiful bride! (2.26.09, 9:36am)

Emily Mason: These are so beautiful! Love the location=) (2.26.09, 9:05am)

jeanny: i LOVE the random guy walking down the street with.. looks like dinner to-go in his hands.. haha and the CHUCKS! cant wait to see the rest~ Thanks Cesar for the great shots =] (2.26.09, 12:03am)

Cesar + Tanya: Hey Rachel! Very sweet of you. Those were taken in Downtown Dallas around the Museum of Art area. :) (2.25.09, 11:17pm)

MJ: Love, love, love, love, love the backgrounds in these photos! Tiles rock! Perez Photog Rocks! (2.25.09, 10:34pm)

Rachel: Where were these taken? I LOVE the mosaic tile. I have been a fan of your photography for years! LOVE it! (2.25.09, 7:43pm)