Laura Del Rio: Wow, congratulations, what a beautiful couple God Bless you both, Love Laura and child Albert (6.25.10, 3:30pm)

Moran Murante: I love these pictures! I am sick that I cannot make the wedding. I will miss you both! (4.9.10, 8:39am)

Gary: What a great set of images! I love them! (3.30.10, 7:17am)

Maxie: Beautiful couple. My favorite is #3 and #5. Muchas Felicidades (3.15.10, 2:35pm)

Alex Eichstadt: Amazing pics! You look so happy. I'm really excited for you both! (3.11.10, 9:21am)

Faryn Clark: Gorgeous! Those pictures are makes me want engagement pictures again. Ha. (3.9.10, 9:36pm)

EJ: Very nice!! (3.9.10, 3:47pm)

Sara Wallace: Beautiful pictures, we can't wait for the big day! (3.9.10, 11:48am)

Eddie Findley: Absolutely beautiful collection of pictures. (3.9.10, 11:41am)

Rick Norton: elegant and simple, beautiful pictures (3.8.10, 1:48pm)

Deb Light: Great picutes I wish you both a beautiful wedding. (3.8.10, 12:36pm)

Susan Dobbins: Awesome engagement pictures. If this is a taste of what's to come, I can't wait to see the wedding pictures. (3.8.10, 11:19am)

Alex Soulis: Great pictures. I wish you both a blessed life together. Daniel, you definately out punted your coverage. (3.8.10, 11:04am)

Lisa Matl: Great pictures! You will cherish them forever. (3.8.10, 10:57am)

Craig Smith: Well, well, I must say Daniel that having not met Mariannella before, you have done violently well for yourself. Very impressed with the pictures and best of luck. (3.8.10, 10:53am)

Tamara Gurley: love, love, love the pics! (3.8.10, 10:18am)

Keenan: These look amazing! Mariannella, you look beautiful! Great pics! (3.8.10, 10:08am)

Annette Wells: I loved the casual way their love for each other was captured in the photos, especially the closeup in front of the green wall(Mariannella was in a stiped top dress). (3.8.10, 10:07am)

Brian Hunt: I think #8 is the best. (3.8.10, 10:02am)

Chip Chipperson: So cute. She's way too hot for you Daniel. (3.8.10, 10:02am)

Alan Maner: The pictures look phenomenal, and the bride-to-be...beautiful of course. The Groom, ehhhh....alright, not bad buddy. (3.8.10, 10:01am)

Daniel Carlisle: Who is the lucky guy? (3.8.10, 9:37am)

Nancy McPherson: How beautiful you are Marianella! I had tears at the end of this slide show. Congratulations! (3.6.10, 9:10pm)

Erica Hoelscher: You two look stunning! Such Fab photos! See y'all soon. xoxo (3.6.10, 4:09pm)

Kayla: These are so beautiful! (3.6.10, 12:52am)

Brittney: these look awesome! I love the vine-y wall :) (3.5.10, 9:25pm)

Jennifer Ackerson: Your pictures are so beautiful! Y'all look incredible! (3.5.10, 5:31pm)

Ashlee McPherson: I LOVE these and love you guys! Cant wait til April! (3.5.10, 5:00pm)

Mary Jane Carlisle: The picture are absolutely exquisite. (3.5.10, 2:09pm)

Allison Grover: What a beautiful couple! Gorgeous pictures!!! (3.5.10, 2:07pm)

Samantha von Doersten: What a beautiful couple! Congratulations to you both! I wish you a life full of love and happiness! (3.5.10, 1:40pm)

Megan Yaple: All of them are just amazing! Such a beautiful couple! Congratulations!!! (3.5.10, 1:23pm)

SHELLY MULLEN: OMG! I love them! They show beautiful you are and happy you two are togather :) (3.5.10, 1:04pm)

Meredith Corey: Great photos. You guys look awesome. Congratulations! (3.5.10, 1:04pm)

Michaela Manzer: Absolutely stunning. Mar and Daniel, you guys are gorgeous and I love these photos. My favorite from the full slide show was the yellow wall, was glad to see it was a favorite here too. :) Good work Cesar! (3.5.10, 1:03pm)

Shelly: OMG! It makes my heart smile! They truly show how beautiful you are and how happy you guys are togather! :) (3.5.10, 12:53pm)

Claudia Baumgardner: Lovely couple and absolutely gorgeous photos! I have shared my favorite with Mariannella. (3.5.10, 11:20am)

Jennifer: These are amazing! What a gorgeous couple. (3.5.10, 8:46am)

Mariannella Fuentes: I love our pictures!! (3.5.10, 7:11am)