Abby Wright: Absolutely adore the 8th one where you guys are walking between the trees! (3.10.10, 10:44pm)

Tyler: They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well these pictures are worth one word said a thousand times. That word is LOVE. Beautiful! (3.10.10, 10:57am)

Georgie & Jack: Melissa, what a beautiful woman you have become. Jack and I ae so happy for you and Ross. It looks likel you have found your soulmate. Our love and congratulations to both of you. (3.10.10, 8:57am)

cody+amy: WOW backwards!!!! Melissa looks good enough to eat and Ross i dont think i have ever seen a more beauthiful and naturally straight smile. (3.9.10, 9:39pm)

Jane: What beautiful photos! I liked #4, but they ALL captured both your great personalities. It was such a pleasure having you both at the ranch at Thanksgiving and getting to know you. Wish you the best! Shelby's Aunt Jane (3.9.10, 5:14pm)

sean cumbie: DUDE!!!!! SOO AWESOME! (3.9.10, 11:11am)

Jonathan: It is like a magical forest! I think my favorite is the eighth one. Or the ninth. Or maybe the last one. Melissa is very bendy in the last one. (3.9.10, 11:10am)

Joseph Cruz: these photos are truly captivating. i believe they capture the power of love that the both of you share between yourselves. words truly can not describe how pulchritudinous your love is. (3.9.10, 11:09am)

G Force: Amazing photgraphs of a magical romance; one that should be forged in marble, so that all of human history can marvel in its glory (3.9.10, 10:21am)

Austin: True love, raw beauty, passionate passion, commitment, foreverness, and companionship. These are all things captured in these portraits. But the one thing that these photos can't capture is your spirits, may the two of yours run wildly for a lifetime together in love. Perfect. (3.9.10, 10:01am)

Jenne Schuck: Oh Melissa - these pictures are lovely! You both look wonderful and I am so ecstatic to see you happy! Enjoy this special time! Much love to you and your husband-to-be! (3.9.10, 9:56am)

Jim Hawarden: What a beautiful bunch of photos! Where did you go to take them? You look like you're in a magical fairyland and nowhere near Dallas!!! (3.9.10, 9:55am)

Frankie Prickle: OMG I love your jeans Ross!! (3.9.10, 9:51am)

Staci Goff: Young Love is so beautiful and magnificent! You two look absolutely adorable, so pretty and so handsome. Thank you so much for sharing your pics. Love Them and You♥ (3.9.10, 9:03am)

Kerr Foster: Yay!! (3.9.10, 8:59am)

rachel foster: You guys look really cute! I am so happy for you two! (3.9.10, 8:56am)

Susan M.: Love them, love them, love them!! They are all so great! (3.8.10, 3:37pm)

Garrett: Great pictures guys...#1 and 10 get my vote. (3.8.10, 3:24pm)

cathea harland: The pics are so real..they have been captured perfectly! (3.8.10, 1:29pm)

Donna Godwin: Great Photos !!! Ya'll look so sweet !!! (3.8.10, 1:09pm)

Brad Elmore: You captured their personalities perfectly. (3.8.10, 1:04pm)

Lauren Hanks: I LOVE THEM!!! Melissa you look beautiful! Ross you look pretty too! (3.8.10, 11:29am)

Debbie Proulx: These pictures are incredible and show just how happy you are together. Congratulations! (3.8.10, 10:45am)

Jessica Bright: These are absolutely gorgeous and I can only imagine the problems you will have picking the ones to put up!!! So gorgeous!!!! (3.8.10, 10:22am)

Amanda McKee: I love your photos!!! These are gorgeous! =) I am so happy for ya'll and can't wait for the big day! (3.8.10, 9:05am)

Wendy Gillo: Missy and Ross- These are by far the "cutest" engagement pics I have ever seen. You both just light up the camera just like you do the days! Congrats--Wendy (3.8.10, 9:00am)

Emily Youngblood: It is so nice to actually SEE Ross rather than just see his name on all our emails and paperwork! You two look so happy! Gorgeous photos! Melissa, great outfit choices :) Love the "&" idea!!! Too sweet! Thank you for sharing- how will you ever choose which ones you want to order?!? (3.7.10, 4:30pm)

alleigh: awhhh look at them :) i love you both see u soon (3.7.10, 4:01pm)

Mom: My baby boy is is Melissa. I'm a very proud mommy. (3.7.10, 3:43pm)

Jon Woods: These look fantastic! But wait, where's the one you promised to take in the OU shirts? Congrats! (3.7.10, 11:37am)

Karen Emken: These photos are magnificent!!! You look amazing! (3.7.10, 10:39am)

Amy : You two look like you have so much fun together! I LOVE these pictures and wish you both the best! (3.7.10, 3:08am)

Meaghan Walsh: The pics look great! You guys look like a great couple! (3.6.10, 7:45pm)

Billy Bass : Ross and Melissa your photos are amazing, they remind me of love in the autumn as it ripens and matures amongst the backdrop of life and love!!!! Many blessings!!! (3.6.10, 7:23pm)

Lisa: I love these pictures! Congratulations guys (3.6.10, 5:46pm)

elie: so happy for yall!! and these pix are adorable! (3.6.10, 5:45pm)

Elizabeth: These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!! ----Love your hair! So impressed. (3.6.10, 5:34pm)

Kristen Przano: Love love love them! You two are adorable and the photos are magnificent! (3.6.10, 5:14pm)

Dawid: Impressed! (3.6.10, 4:34pm)

Tori & Jon: You guys look amazing! Melissa you look so beautiful and Ross, you look better than usual. We know you guys will be so happy together!! (3.6.10, 3:40pm)

Shelby: Oh my goodness these are awesome! So good and fitting of you guys minus those jeans Ross! ;) (3.6.10, 3:38pm)

Renee: You guys look so happy! Melissa you are still so gorgeous! Congrats to you both!! (3.6.10, 3:15pm)

Dad: These are great!! I liked them all but the kissing ones... Watch it Ross!!! Dad (3.6.10, 3:07pm)

Beth Heffington: Melissa and Ross - I love your pictures ! They really capture your personalities. Best wishes for many happy years together. (3.6.10, 2:50pm)

Krystal Blair: You two look made for each!! :) I love the pics and wish you two the happiest marriage anyone could ask for!! (3.6.10, 2:16pm)

Sally Turnbull: Oh Melissa & Ross! They are fabulous pictures -- what a cute couple! Just the beginning of many wonderful and loving memories to come for both of you. (3.6.10, 2:00pm)

Jenna Hoffman: PRECIOUS! You guys look awesome! I'm proud of you Ross :) (3.6.10, 1:48pm)

Kristin Steed: Oh my gosh, how are you going to pick which one for the save the date? Love them all! And y'all :) (3.6.10, 12:50pm)

Melissa's Mom: you captured both Ross and Melissa in their natural state. Thank you. (3.6.10, 12:48pm)

Ross Elmore: Thank you guys so much!!! These turned out great and Melissa looks so beautiful! (3.6.10, 12:21pm)

Amy Dittman: Melissa, you look absolutely beautiful and Ross you are so handsome. Y'all did a great job and will have these memories forever. Just stunning. Great job, my friends. (3.6.10, 12:14pm)

Michelle: Love, love, love these! You're gorgeous...Ross, you look nice, too. :) (3.6.10, 12:08pm)

Melissa Franklin: I LOVE THEM!! You guys are just the best and so talented! We are so happy! Can't wait until the big day! (3.6.10, 12:02pm)

Robin Harris: These are sooo cute!!!! I love them!!! (3.6.10, 11:52am)

Allison Davis: awesome session! I LOVE the one between all of the tree limbs. but they're all just lovely! (3.6.10, 11:14am)