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Happy 1 Year Anniversary

This past week was our blogs One-Year anniversary and we didn't want to forget. We really have been blessed this year and we couldn't be more thankful.

So we haven't blogged in little while ... we have been taking it easy with this crazy Texas heat. We took this past week off to work on marketing material for some upcoming shows we are doing with a coordinator and one for a magazine that we are in. We felt we really needed to just take a full week off to really get all of those things done and boy was it great. We've been working non-stop almost daily for the past few months and it was very much needed. A few things that are going on in our lives: Possible Studio. The one that we had originally gotten a few months ago didn't really work out as planned logistically. So we are now in the paper process of getting a studio in an awesome area that we have always loved. (More details to come on that) This time we promise to post pictures of the whole process - from beginning to end. We also hope to have a small shindig that everyone can come out to. We also might be moving during that time closer to where the possible studio space is. So on top of a new studio and renovating it to our liking, we will be moving, and shooting weddings every weekend till mid December. And In between all of that we have a few out of town and out of state weddings. It's going to be CRAZY! Anyway, I will stop my ramblings, more stuff to come later this week… :)

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